2020 Sale Order
1. swine
2. sheep
3. rabbits
4. goats
5. beef
6. poultry


Pet Policy:    In consideration of the people attending the Wayne County Fair, the fair board has enacted the following pet policy:  Trained service animals, as currently defined under the ADA, are allowed on the fair grounds. (Comfort, therapy, and emotional support animals, as well as pets, ARE NOT PERMITTED on the grounds).   Service animals must be under the owner’s control at all times, and remain on a leash, be in a harness, or be able to follow voice, signal, or other effective control commands given by the owner. 

ONE EXCEPTION – Only animals entered in the 4-H and/or FFA pet and dog shows will be allowed the day of the show in the area surrounding the show ring. 

Please do not leave your pet unattended in your vehicle while you are attending the fair.  Thank you for your understanding and working with everyone on this policy.

1. Children entering 4th grade and younger are free.
2. Admission Prices
    - Wednesday All Day
        Free Admission- for 2020 Only
    - Thursday All Day
        Starting at 7:30 am $9.00/person
        Starting at 5:00 pm $15.00/person
    -Friday & Saturday
        Starting at 7:30 am $9.00/person
        Starting at 5:00 pm $15.00/person
        Starting at 8:30 am $9.00/person
        Starting at 5:00 pm $15.00/person
    -Season passes are $30.00
    -season passes may be purchased in advance at: 
Corydon State Bank; Great Western Bank - Corydon, and Peoples Bank - Seymour
3. no free admissions to anyone except judges during gate hours.
4. no charge for parking.

fairground facility rental costs:

1.  Main arena - $500/no lights  $800 with 4 hours lights
2.  small arena - $250
3.  show ring - $200
4.  Foodstand - $100
5.  livestock barns $100 each $500 deposit/barn
6.  Center stage - $100

President- Justin Lain
1st VP- Lance Lange
2nd VP- Dan May
Treasurer- Lisa Moore
Secretary- LeRoy Perkins
Assistant Secretary- Heather Moorman
Entertainment Coordinator - Darcia Lange
Sponsorship Coordinator - Lance Lange

The Wayne county fair Board meetings are open to the public. Visitors are always welcome and encouraged to attend. The board meets the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Wayne county fair event Center. Please note: these dates are subject to change.